Coloradans For Responsible Wildlife Management

Colorado Ball0t Initiative 101

Rallying call to Preserve our Wilderness Heritage:
Colorado At the Forefront

In recent years, Colorado has become the battleground for a movement threatening not just the hunting tradition, but the very essence of wildlife management. This is not merely a local issue; it’s a ripple that could stir waves across all states. The assault on Colorado’s hunting community and wildlife managers is a precursor to what sportsmen across America might face. 

Over the last 5 years, relentless attempts have been made to undermine the regulated harvest of Colorado Mountain Lions and Bobcats. The onslaught has now escalated with the Proposed Initiative 91, which aims to strip away the very foundation of Science-Based Wildlife Management. By doing so, it seeks to deprive Colorado’s Wildlife Managers and the sporting community of their rights to manage, pursue, and harvest these well-regulated species.

 The proponents of this initiative are wielding misinformation as their weapon. They’ve coined the term “Trophy Hunting” to mislead the public and potential voters, veiling their true intentions behind a facade of concern over fair chase, cruelty, and mismanagement. We, the Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management, a 501(C-4) organization, have embarked on a painstaking journey of legal, educational, and logistical endeavors to quash this unfounded initiative. 

Our mission is clear – to halt the advance of this anti-hunting agenda before it morphs into a nationwide ban on ALL HUNTING. The stakes are high, transcending beyond the borders of Colorado, beyond the fate of Mountain Lions and Bobcats. This is a clarion call to all hunters, anglers, and true conservationists across the United States. Your support is indispensable in this battle against misinformation and for the preservation of our rich wildlife heritage. 

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Remember, as a 501(C-4) organization, contributions are not tax-deductible. Our mission resonates with the spirit of every true sportsman: “To Enhance, Promote, and Defend the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Responsible Wildlife Management.” Let us unite in this pivotal cause to ensure the enduring legacy of Responsible Wildlife Management and Sporting Traditions in Colorado and across the nation.

Wildlife resources are conserved
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