Coloradans For Responsible Wildlife Management

Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management

Our Mission : To Enhance, Promote and Defend the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Responsible Wildlife Management.

We focus on the public’s best interests for maintaining a century-old track record of our natural resources, including wildlife, fisheries, habitat, and working farms and ranches.


Partnering with the communities

CRWM Colorado Elk

The Sportsmen’s Conservation Legacy

At the close of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, the early pioneers of today’s sportsmen’s conservation community faced a unique set of challenges.

Help Defend Colorado’s Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Heritage

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Immediate Issues

Our way of life is under attack.
All forms of Wildlife Management
Pheasant Hunting
Dove Hunting
Mountain Lion Hunting
All Trapping of Furbearing Animals
The Harvest of Bobcats

Immediate Call To Action!!

Initiative 2023-2024 #91: Prohibit Trophy Hunting

 The proponents of this initiative are wielding misinformation as their weapon. They’ve coined the term “Trophy Hunting” to mislead the public and potential voters, veiling their true intentions behind a facade of concern over fair chase, cruelty, and mismanagement. We, the Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management, a 501(C-4) organization, have embarked on a painstaking journey of legal, educational, and logistical endeavors to quash this unfounded initiative. 

Our mission is clear – to halt the advance of this anti-hunting agenda before it morphs into a nationwide ban on ALL HUNTING. The stakes are high, transcending beyond the borders of Colorado, beyond the fate of Mountain Lions and Bobcats.


To Enhance, Promote and Defend the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Responsible Wildlife Management

Who We Are

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Wildlife resources are conserved
and held in trust for all citizens.