Immediate issues


  1. All forms of Wildlife Management
  2. Pheasant Hunting
  3. Dove Hunting
  4. Mountain Lion Hunting
  5. All Trapping of Furbearing Animals
  6. The Harvest of Bobcats
  7. Bear Hunting
  8. Methods of take
  9. Restrictions and Prohibitions on Seasons
    10.Use of Hounds and Sporting Dogs
    11.Wildlife Game Commissions
    12.Wildlife Agencies
    13.Public Land Access for Hunting, Trapping and Fishing activities
    14.Introductions of Apex Predators with the intent of no management of over site
    15.These and dozens of other issues that are pursued through America, the West and Colorado are the agenda of individuals and groups to degrade, erode and eliminate all forms of take of abundant highly regulated game species throughout the country.

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