Sportsman’s Day at The Capital 04-21-22

Keynote Speaker Shane Mahoney 04-21-22 #savethehuntcolorado

Dan Gates & Luke Wiedel from Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management discuss SB22-031 on 85 KOA with Mandy Connell #savethehuntcolorado

In 48 hours the biggest push against hunting will be heard in the Colorado Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and its SB22-031 to ban the hunting of bobcats, mountain lions, and lynxes. Cody and Robbie decided to talk to the two individuals that know the most about this, Gaspar Perricone and Dan Gates to get to the heart of the matter, why we are seeing this push, and what you can do in the next 48 hours to shut this bill down.

Blood Origins: SB22-031 || Everything You Need to Know! on Apple Podcasts


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