Today’s leaders of the Sportsmen’s community face a new set of challenges. Those before us faced a conservation crises but today’s crisis is cultural. One that is no less daunting and one that must be met with the same passion, forward thinking, and willingness to take action that our predecessors exhibited over a century ago.

The challenges to overcome are many. Today we are facing increasing urbanization and sub urbanization, more available technology and it’s rampant use among the younger generation, efforts to undermine scientific Wildlife Management, Environmental Groups co-opting the term “conservation” to espouse preservationist ideals, and an anti-sportsmen like community that is well funded, well organized, and have effectively shaped public opinion against hunting, fishing, and trapping through controlling the narrative in many areas. This perfect storm of conditions and opposing forces has resulted in the value in hunting and what it brings to Wildlife Management in America to be depreciated in the minds of many. With that, Hunting, Trapping and Fishing have become increasingly marginalized in our society and Sportsmen and Women have not only much of their social relevancy but their political relevancy as well.

Many individuals and organizations have invested a significant amount of effort and resources into moving the needle on some or all of these present day conditions with varying results. We must now learn from and build upon these past efforts, bring new ideas to the table and adjust our course as necessary to usher in a return to the “Golden Age” of Hunting in America and specifically Colorado.

The Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management is the tip of the spear in Colorado.

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It focuses on the Public’s Best Interests for maintaining a century-old track record of our natural resources, including wildlife, fisheries, habitat, and working farms and ranches.

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Where it is the policy of the State of Colorado that the Wildlife and their environment are to be protected, preserved, enhanced, and managed for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the People of this State and its visitors. It is further declared to be the policy of this State that their shall be provided a comprehensive program designed to offer the greatest possible variety of Wildlife related recreational opportunity to the People of this State and its Visitors and that, to carry out such program and policy there shall be a continuous operation of planning, accusation, and development of Wildlife habitats and facilities for a Wildlife opportunities.

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